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Use IMAGE on HOLD as your best marketing tool to promote new ideas, generate caller interest and increase sales. Callers hear specific information about your company while waiting on hold.
  • Design of custom message on hold
  • Production of script with professional voice-over and appropriate background music on audio CD
  • Benefits of Image on Hold:
        1. Reduces caller stress and hang-ups from potential customers
        2. Differentiates your business from others with something innovative
        3. Can be used to highlight new products, exciting promotions
        4. Creates a need by engaging the caller with thought-provoking ideas
        5. Increases caller confidence by using testimonials from satisfied
        6. Creates a happy mood by providing humor, quick quips, witty
        7. Reflects a state-of-the-market image with current topics of interest
        8. Presents useful tips and valuable information to the caller
        9. Generates positive conversation after the on-hold experience
        10. Gives value to the caller's time by making their on-hold experience
             enjoyable, upbeat and positive

    Fax us your company's information at (516) 549-6790 and we will fax you a free sample of a customized IMAGE on HOLD.

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