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reaches mass market for low cost per release

Video Release: releasing to 1,000 talk shows a one-minute segment adapted from your VNR
Radio News Release: your release will be turned into a script and CD's and sent to over 6,500 radio stations
Print News Release: sent to over 10,000 newspapers across the country (dailies and weeklies)
Web News Release: your audio and video news advertorial copy is propelled directly to millions of Internet users.

VNR(Video News Release):
Results-oriented public relations tools designed to publicize a company's products or services in an information-style format.
These entertaining, mini-documentaries are usually 2-7 minutes in length and are distributed to local and network TV and cable stations.
By providing these Video News Releases to local, regional, national as well as international stations, companies receive publicity without incurring airtime costs. Because more than 1/2 the American public receive their news from TV, video news releases are an extremely viable, cost efficient method of reaching the largest possible audience at the smallest possible cost. VNR's utilize satellite technology to broadcast. Used by major companies for public relations, product information, etc, it is a subtle, yet highly effective way to sell. We have produced and aired several VNR's to more than 770 local, network and cable stations.
Distribution of the 2-3 minute VNR's directly to news rooms of local, satellite, network TV and cable stations. (over 1,000 stations)
Provide VNR's to stations without incurring air time costs resulting in free publicity on news programs, talk shows, news shows
Facilitate airing of VNR on a local, regional, national and international basis.

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