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We Offer:
  • Lowest possible prices -- without sacrificing quality, service, or on-time delivery.
  • design, packaging and shipping

    Video (SP)
    10 min.	        .98 ea.
    30 min.	        1.18 ea.
    60 min.	        1.48 ea.
    2 hr.		2.28 ea.

    Video (EP)
    30 min.	        .98 ea.
    60 min.         1.19 ea.
    90 min.	        1.29 ea.
    2 hr.		1.39 ea.

    20 min.	        .75 ea.
    40 min.	        .85 ea.
    60 min.	        .95 ea.

    CD Replication	.79 ea.
     *Minimums may apply

    CD: complete multi-media duplication and replication from all formats, as well as formatting to CD mode.

    CD-R: multi-media interactive digital format with large storage capacity with easy access and diversity.
  • Provide cutting-edge digital graphic contents with silicon graphics (MAC and IBM compatible)
  • Experienced in programming and design for interactive, multimedia applications, as well as video, compression and editing capabilities.
    DVD: Stores both video and audio binary data. Both sides are used, with two layers on each side, providing more than 25 times more data storage capacity than CD or CD-ROM.
    Creation of an interactive multi-media program on DVD or transfer and enhance existing formats into a DVD format.

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